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Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia




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Utility Mapping Malaysia

Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

We are a leader in quality underground utility mapping (utility map) service solutions for the future of the Utilities Industry.

Every developing country like Malaysia needs the latest and most reliable underground utility infrastructure information. Our founders started GDS with the aim of helping all stakeholders or relevant interested parties and statutory / regulatory bodies to ensure reliable underground utility mapping (utility map) information is obtained so that development work can be completed on schedule, reduce the risk of accidents and deaths and help our customers get maximum profit through the quality of work we provide.

We believe that customer satisfaction is everything, which is why our motto is "A sense of satisfaction". We also believe that you are here because you are serious and looking for the best among the best in underground utility mapping (utility map) services in Malaysia. One more step will change everything.

We are Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia Expert that u need the most.

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Our Services

We believe that to be an expert, we need to focus on one discipline and explore deeply. In the geomatics related professions there are more than 10 disciplines. Our service consists of Utility Mapping (utility map) and Topographic Survey  but our main core service is underground utility mapping. To keep GDS on top of the market, we are collaborate with other experts.

Underground Utility Mapping is our forte.

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Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia


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Customer and client are different. We believe client have strong trust in us and we also have a strong determination to help our clients to achieve goals, great results and experiences that enable both parties to grow and benefit together.


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Sponsorship is our way of supporting and contributing to benefit both parties to achieve the goals.



We come from the contributions of predecessors. It is time for us to give back to the society to make the world a better place sharing our best knowledge and experience in Underground Utility Mapping (utility map) to others.

Make Utility Mapping Malaysia Great Again!

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We create communities to learn, play, work and share similar interests. We believe that every human being needs a place to express their feelings and ideas. Share about Underground Utility Mapping and geomatics related.

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