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Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia


We are a leader in quality underground utility mapping service solutions for the future of the Utilities Industry. We’re proud to offer our services to clients throughout Malaysia, Brunei and Internationally. Our nature of business is providing mapping services for underground and above ground.

Every developing country like Malaysia needs the latest and most reliable underground utility infrastructure information. Our founders started GDS with the aim of helping all relevant interested parties and statutory / regulatory bodies to ensure reliable underground utility mapping information is obtained so that development work can be completed on schedule, reduce the risk of accidents and deaths and help our customers get maximum profit through the quality of work we provide.

Our survey & underground mapping services which would provide all its clients, whether they are contractors, engineers, planners or developers, the most complete mapping solutions possible.

We believe that customers need utility mapping services to get certainty before doing excavation work, which is why our motto is "Certainty provide peace of mind". We also believe that you are here because you are serious and looking for the best among the best in underground utility mapping services in Malaysia. One more step will change everything.

It is the policy of GDS to provide excellent underground utility mapping information and geomatics-related products and services which conforms to specifications at mutually competitive rates in meeting the requirements of its clients (or customers) and stakeholders.

We are the Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia Expert that u need the most. View our profile.

We believe that to be an expert, we need to focus on one discipline and explore deeply. In the geomatics related professions there are more than 10 disciplines. Our service consists of utility mapping (udm mapping) and topographic survey  but our main core service is underground utility mapping. To keep GDS on top of the market, we are collaborate with other experts. Underground Utility Mapping is our forte.

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Non-intrusive / invasive determination of facilities and utilities mapping of infrastructure or utilities above and below the surface of the earth using electromagnetic locators and ground penetrating radar equipment.

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Capture and mapping the natural relief of the ground, details, as built and man-made structures using total station, GNSS and others survey equipment.

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Training and developing skills and knowledge related to underground utility mapping (udm mapping) and latest technology.

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Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia


Project at Peninsular Malaysia


Project at East Malaysia


Project at Brunei

6 Mil




Total Mapping Area in sqm


We specialize in locating underground utility mapping Malaysia (udm mapping). We have highly trained teams who will locate and map your underground utilities quickly and safely. We put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a dependable Surveyor can be.


GDS offers underground utility mapping services that help you save time and money by knowing exactly what’s under your feet before you start a project.

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We have more than 30 years of total experience team focus on underground utility mapping project only. Our dedicates and skillful staff experience in managing and coordinating underground utility mapping (udm mapping) task for high profile project.


More than 900 underground utility mapping project successful completed Malaysia and Brunei include high profile project such as MRT, LRT, TNB, Expressway, Petronas, Oil & Gas and many more.


We are using a latest underground utility mapping technology and equipment with our own special technique to achive quality result. We have our own R&D and training division.


We are registered with Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC).


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GDS | Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

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GDS | Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

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GDS | Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

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We belive a good quality underground mapping services come with experience team.

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