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Utility Mapping Malaysia

Reliable Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

What is the purpose of underground utility mapping?

Underground utility mapping is to ascertain the most probable alignment of buried existing underground utilities and services. The detection work, carried out generally in conformity with the guidelines issued by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) will determine the presence of any buried power cables, metallic utilities (steel pipes, copper telecommunication lines and etc) and non-metallic utilities that are accessible (fibre optic cables, sewerage pipe and etc) using pipe and cable locators together with ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment.


The range of underground mapping detection, accuracies, and the capability of detecting the underground utilities and services are dependent on the soil conditions and it may not always be possible for every utility (particularly the non-metallic ones) to be detected.


Underground utility mapping exercise is to reduce a risk of excavation or relocation works not a guaranty due to limitation and site condition. Cooperation between surveyors, project owner, stake holder and relevant authorities / property owners is helpful in obtain the accurate utility mapping.

What is the standard guideline for underground utility mapping in Malaysia?

A standard guideline for underground utility mapping were created by the National Mapping and Spatial Data Committee. All underground utility mapping work must follow these guidelines to avoid damage and service interruption. If this happens, people's quality of life is affected, financial losses are faced and worst of all, a fatal accident may occur.

What is contained in these guidelines covers various aspects of underground utility mapping such as role of various stakeholders, classification of underground utility quality levels, generic specifications for underground utility maps as well as creation underground utility mapping database. Please refer to this link for more info Standard Guidelines for Underground Utility Mapping - PEJUTA

Why is underground utility mapping important?

  • What lies beneath the surface cannot be seen.

  • Dangers exist with certain underground utilities, i.e gas pipeline and high voltage power cable.

  • Existing maps / drawings may be inaccurate, outdated, or non-existing.

GDS Underground Utility Mapping Expert
GDS Underground Utility Mapping Expert
GDS Underground Utility Mapping Expert

What is benefits of underground utility mapping?

  • Comply with all the authority, state and PBT requirement.

  • Comply with all the government, safety, and health regulation.

  • Minimize all the risks for live, assets and environment.

  • Effectively reduce the project completion time.

  • Avoid any kind of unwanted surprises.

  • Insurance claim requirement

  • Work with confident.

Underground Utility Mapping Services boosts your confidence in progressing with hazardous excavation works. We implement all the necessary safety tools and adhere to all the safety regulation standards to reduce any risk and thus ensure the best practice. Implementing our services can also effectively reduce project completion time.

We are the leading in quality underground utility mapping with more than 30 years of total experience expertise in this field and have been serving more than 200 our clients Malaysia and Brunei.

GDS Pipe and cable Locator Malaysia
GDS ground penetrating radar malaysia
GDS Underground Utility Mapping Expert

Our teams are very efficient in using different techniques to assess the sub-surface of the ground and verify the subsistence of underground utilities. Our teams are ordained with all the necessary tools for underground utility mapping and offer services related to construction, excavation, piloting, installation, relocation, as-built and many more.

We have some of the most qualified and experienced land surveyors on board who can take care of all your requirements with ease. We leverage the latest and best infrastructure tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to our clients.

GDS Underground Utility Mapping Equipments


Pipe & Cable Locator (PCL)


Ground Panatrating Radar (GPR)

Total Station


Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

What underground utilities can be detected?

​There are two categories of underground utilities which are metallic and non-metallic. To detect utilities in the metal category, where they can conduct electric current, Pipe and Cable Locator (PCL) tools are used to detect them. Below are among the types of utilities that can be detected using Pipe and Cable Locator.


  • Copper electric cables

  • Copper telecommunication cables

  • Metallic, iron gas / fuel pipes 

  • Metallic, iron water pipes

  • Metallic, iron sewerage pipes

  • Copper signal cables

  • Copper internet / TV cables

To detect utilities that are not metallic and cannot emit electric current, the tool used is Ground Penetrating Radar, also known as GPR. It can detect both metals and non-metals. This tool is usually used at the end of a job as a checking and also to find utilities that cannot be detected using PCL. However, the results of scanning using GPR are highly dependent on soil conditions. Not all utilities can be detected using this tool. Below are among the utilities that can be detected by GPR.

  • All detectable utilities use PCL

  • Fiber optic cables

  • Plastic (PVC), HDPE, asbestos cement (AC) gas / fuel pipes

  • Plastic (PVC), HDPE, asbestos cement (AC) water pipes

  • Clay (VCP), concrete sewerage pipes

  • Concrete pipes / culvert / drain

  • Plastic cable ducts

Sample of Underground Utility Mapping Plan (Drawing)

​The plan issued depends on the scope of work requested and client's needs. We can provide plans from the most basic to the most detailed. However, the quality of the on-site underground utility mapping detection work remains the same.


If you're not sure what the best scope of work underground utility mapping is, don't worry, we'll advice you as we're also particularly experienced with council permits and other authorities. We will give the best and according to your convenience because every customer has different needs.

Underground utility mapping plan drawing

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective underground mapping (udm mapping) service provider? Then look no further, get in touch with us today!

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