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KVMRT - Experience as an Underground Utility Mapping Surveyor

Welcome to My Blog! I share about Underground Utility Mapping.

My first experience in the MRT project was at the TRX Station formerly known as Pasar Rakyat Station 12 years ago (2010).

That was my first project I managed when I was appointed as Assistant Operations Manager (Underground Utility Mapping Division). It’s a big project and the responsibilities are huge too. At that time I was only 25 years old and only had a year and a half of experience in Underground Utility Mapping as field surveyor.

Proposed KVMRT Pasar Rakyat Station (2010)

What my goal was at the time was to make sure my boss made the right decision to promote and appoint me. hehehe.. just kidding..

My goal in managing this first important project is to ensure my company has a good reputation and will be able to pursue projects on par with the MRT.

Want to know more about my experience managing MRT projects as well as my own experiance as a underground utility mapping surveyor?

Comment Nak! hahaha.. stay tuned for the next episode

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B.Eng. (Geomatics) (Hons.) UTM, MRISM, GMAALSM

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